A movement choir of bodies in motion across the United States.

A celebration of arts in action.


6820 SW 65th Avenue
Miami, FL 33143

Dale Andree (Artistic Dir.)
Phone: (305) 458-6141
Email: dandree@nationalwaterdance.org

Daniel Lewis (Producer)
Phone: (305) 596-3442
Email: dlewis@nationalwaterdance.org
National Water Dance believes that our environment is the most pressing issue of this generation and that artists need to take the lead in addressing it. Developing awareness among dancers of all ages and movers of all interests as well as our audiences is at the heart of our mission. We have the opportunity to use dance as a means of moving people to action in our effort to save our environment.
“It’s about reconnecting our sense of self and soul with our waterways and oceans.” Celine Cousteau, granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau

Come Join Us
National Water Dance is creating an opportunity for dancers of all ages and movers of all kinds to experience the power of art and performance as a vehicle for social change by collaborating on the formation of a nation wide movement choir. Our goal is to initiate a national “water ethic” that can inform and inspire both participants and audience members to take responsibility for conserving and protecting the water that they use and enjoy.

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What is a movement choir?
A movement choir is a community of people dancing together for a common purpose. First conceived by Rudolf Laban they are often performed outside in celebration of the environment and frequently participants invite the audience to join the dance.

How will we do this?
We will be initiating our movement choir by connecting with one another through the Internet and sharing movement phrases and gestures. These movements will be the source from which a common dance phrase will be created and one that everyone around the country will share in their choreographic process.

When will it happen?
This site-specific simultaneous event across the United States will occur in the spring of 2016 and will be live streamed on the Internet.