Miami, FL

Philadelphia, PA

Miami Beach, FL

Chattanooga, TN

Omaha, NE

April 16, 2016 4PM EST

A Celebration of Arts in Action

National Water Dance (NWD) is a collective of dance artists and educators. Stretching from coast to coast and from Alaska to Florida we are creating a “movement choir”, a simultaneous, site-specific performance of dancers and movers of all ages and experience, to bring attention to the pressing issues of water in the United States. National Water Dance believes that our environment is the most urgent issue of this generation and that artists need to take the lead in addressing it. As dancers we want to use our bodies to create a community that cries out for action.

"It’s about reconnecting our sense of self and soul with our waterways and oceans."
Celine Cousteau, granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau

Come join us!
The NWD Team

Dale Andree - Director
Daniel Lewis - Founding Producer

Sponsoring Organizations